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As far as I know, there is no actively maintained editing spec at the moment. Aryeh's document is a great start but by no means should it be considered complete, or the standard to which you should target an implementation... I think we would [currently] prefer to discuss specific issues here on the mailing list until a regular editor can be found-so thanks for bringing this up!

By the way, what you suggest sounds reasonable for the behavior.

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is there any progress on finding out who is to maintain this spec: ? Is Aryeh still a fulltime student?

There is an effort at Chromium to make deletion of non-editable subelements work according to the spec, but the spec doesn't seem to anything about this.


Who could we ask to get the sepcification updated with information about this?

Our current suggestion is that backspacing/deleting into it selects it, and a second hit on backspace/delete will remove it. The most important to me though is to have clarity on this.

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