Re: CfC: Shelve Web Intents, Web Intents Addendum, Pick Media Intent, Pick Contacts Intent, respond by 17 May (next Friday) (resend)

On Thu, 09 May 2013 13:35:06 +0200, Arthur Barstow <>  

> On 5/8/13 4:00 PM, ext wrote:
>> This is a Call for Consensus (CfC) to shelve the Web Intents, Web  
>> Intents Addendum, Pick Media Intent, and Pick Contacts Intent  
>> specifications (4 specs).
>> Shelving in this case means that we are not sure the specifications  
>> will advance along the lines the drafts indicate. As a result we want  
>> to be clear to everyone that we may not advance the specifications or  
>> that we may change the approach.  This does not mean that we have  
>> decided not to advance them, just that there is a question as to the  
>> direction and/or progression at this point.
> My general comment is the Consortium's way to state work on a document  
> has ended is to publish a WG Note [WGNote]. So although I agree it is  
> important to clarify the status of Web Intents, it's not clear to me  
> that inventing new process ("shelving") is a good approach and it  
> certainly fails the "HeartBeat" publication requirement [Heartbeat].
> It appears to me Web Intents has not changed in seven months  
> [Changelog]. Is there any credible plan including commitment(s) to  
> continue the work? If so, where is that info?
> Based on the data I have seen so far, it seems like the appropriate next  
> step for Web Intents is to publish it as a WG Note. (I am indifferent  
> about the other specs mentioned above.)

I agree with Art here.



> (At some future point in time, if there is consensus to do so and the  
> necessary resources are identified, the spec could continue along the TR  
> track).
> -AB
> [WGNote] <>
> [Heartbeat]  
> <>
> [Changelog] <>

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