Re: CfC: Shelve Web Intents, Web Intents Addendum, Pick Media Intent, Pick Contacts Intent, respond by 17 May (next Friday) (resend)

On 5/8/13 4:00 PM, ext wrote:
> This is a Call for Consensus (CfC) to shelve the Web Intents, Web Intents Addendum, Pick Media Intent, and Pick Contacts Intent specifications (4 specs).
> Shelving in this case means that we are not sure the specifications will advance along the lines the drafts indicate. As a result we want to be clear to everyone that we may not advance the specifications or that we may change the approach.  This does not mean that we have decided not to advance them, just that there is a question as to the direction and/or progression at this point.

My general comment is the Consortium's way to state work on a document 
has ended is to publish a WG Note [WGNote]. So although I agree it is 
important to clarify the status of Web Intents, it's not clear to me 
that inventing new process ("shelving") is a good approach and it 
certainly fails the "HeartBeat" publication requirement [Heartbeat].

It appears to me Web Intents has not changed in seven months 
[Changelog]. Is there any credible plan including commitment(s) to 
continue the work? If so, where is that info?

Based on the data I have seen so far, it seems like the appropriate next 
step for Web Intents is to publish it as a WG Note. (I am indifferent 
about the other specs mentioned above.)

(At some future point in time, if there is consensus to do so and the 
necessary resources are identified, the spec could continue along the TR 


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[Changelog] <>

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