Re: Why not be multiEntry and array keyPath togather?

Some of us were just discussing this yesterday - it does seem reasonable
for the next iteration.

Can you file a bug at (product: WebAppsWG, component:
Indexed Database API) to track this?

Including scenario details such as you've done above would be great.

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 7:09 AM, Kyaw Tun <> wrote:

>  createIndex<>API specification state that "If keyPath is and Array and the multiEntry
> property in the optionalParameters is true, then a DOMException of type
> NotSupportedError must be thrown".
> I believe NotSupportedError is unnecessary. multiEntry is no different
> than non-multiEntry index value, except the reference value is repeated.
> This specification limit generalizes usage of composite index for key
> joining algorithm.
> Google appengine datastore also have have multiEntry (ListProperty<>).
> It has no special different in indexing, other than limiting number of
> entries<!topic/google-appengine/1fTct9AO1MY>and warning for possibility of explosive index.
> Composite index with multiEntry is very useful, like modelling graph data
> and many-to-many relationship. Currently query on such model are limited to
> single index.
> It is also very unlikely that web developer will use excessive indexing. I
> propose NotSupportedError left out of specification.
> Best regards,
> Kyaw

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