Why not be multiEntry and array keyPath togather?

specification state that "If keyPath is and Array and the multiEntry
property in the optionalParameters is true, then a DOMException of type
NotSupportedError must be thrown".

I believe NotSupportedError is unnecessary. multiEntry is no different than
non-multiEntry index value, except the reference value is repeated. This
specification limit generalizes usage of composite index for key joining

Google appengine datastore also have have multiEntry
It has no special different in indexing, other than limiting number of
warning for possibility of explosive index.

Composite index with multiEntry is very useful, like modelling graph data
and many-to-many relationship. Currently query on such model are limited to
single index.

It is also very unlikely that web developer will use excessive indexing. I
propose NotSupportedError left out of specification.

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Received on Thursday, 25 April 2013 14:10:16 UTC