Re: [admin] Testing and GitHub login names

On 22/04/2013 12:44 , Arthur Barstow wrote:
>> The only thing that we ask is that pull requests not be merged by
>> whoever made the request.
> Is this to prevent the `fox guarding the chicken coop`, so to speak?

The way you put it ascribes malice, whereas we operate on the assumption 
that people are honest and trustworthy. This is different from the 
previous rules whereby you couldn't review tests from someone working in 
the same company as yourself. I'm pretty sure that people here are 
indeed honest, and at any rate if they aren't the cost in lost 
credibility along with the quasi-certainty of being caught when another 
vendor notices a problem with the tests ought to make them behave as if 
they were :)

What we're trying to prevent is more "every terribly sucks at noticing 
their own typos".

> If a test facilitator submits tests (i.e. makes a PR) and everyone that
> reviews them says they are OK, it seems like the facilitator should be
> able to do the merge.

Of course. If you submit a PR with tests and someone who doesn't happen 
to have push powers has okayed them, then you should just merge them 
with a comment to the effect that such and such has found them to be 
good. The point is to get some eyeballs that aren't the author's to look 
at the tests before they go in; whatever process makes that happen is 
good so long as it does not involve bureaucracy.

Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

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