Re: InedxedDB events : misconception?

On Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 9:56 AM, MichaŽl Rouges <>wrote:

> Hum ... thank you for this answer, but ...
> Are you sure there is no possibility that the application is completed
> before adding events?
> I find it hard to perceive how it couldn't happen.

Just to close the loop on this concern: the reason there is no possibility
is that this part of the IndexedDB specification - all browsers must
guarantee this behavior to have a working IndexedDB - in fact the rest of
IndexedDB itself would be unusable if this guarantee was not met.

Stuff like this can feel a little awkward if you're using to dealing in a
multi-threaded world, but this API is fairly normal for a web api, at least
in this respect. In fact XHR is the outlier here in requiring a specific
xhrrequest.send() call.


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