Re: [editing] Comments on WebKit addRange implementation

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> The comments on
> say
> "Chrome 15 dev seems to ignore addRange() if there's already a range."
> In case it's helpful, I wanted to note that this isn't quite the case. The
> WebKit implementation is here:
> What that code does, if the selection has not already been cleared via
> e.g. `.removeAllRanges()`, is set the selection to the *intersection* of
> the old selection and range being "added".
> Why? I have no idea. Union or extension I could see; intersection just
> seems bizarre. Hopefully this information is useful, though — even if it
> seems really hard to reconcile spec-wise with other implementations. If
> WebKit/Blink can't be fixed, maybe the behaviour of `addRange(range)` is
> simply "undefined" if `rangeCount` is 1…
Webkit does use the union, that's what the VisiblePosition stuff is doing.

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