Re: Fixing appcache: a proposal to get us started

On 29/03/2013 21:08 , Jonas Sicking wrote:
> * Cache both files (poor bandwidth)
> * We could enable some way of flagging which context different URLs
> are expected to be used in. That way the UA can send the normal
> content negotiation headers for images vs media files. I'm not sure
> that this is worth it though given how few websites use content
> negotiation headers.
> * Use script to detect which formats are supported by the UA and then
> use cacheURL to add the appropriate URL to the cache.
> * Use the NavigationController feature.
> * Use UA-string detection. You can either send different manifests
> that point to different URLs for the media, or use a single manifest
> but do the UA detection and serve different media files from the same
> media URL. This is a pretty crappy solution though.

Another option: in your list of URLs to cache, instead of just strings 
you can also have objects of the form { "video/webm": "kittens.webm", 
"video/evil": "dead-kittens.mv4" } that would operate in a manner 
modelled on <source>, caching only what's needed.

It's a bit verbose, but it's a lot less verbose than loading the content 

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