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> The webrtc WG has identified that the ability to notify, and possibly  
> wake up, a web application of incoming events is important. This to  
> enable support of use cases such as incoming calls. And in certain  
> scenarios the resource use (e.g. power) is very important.
> However, this kind of functionality is not in scope of the webrtc WG,  
> but seems to belong to the Web Applications WG. So this is a message  
> that the webrtc WG is interested in seeing technology that supports this  
> being developed. We have also noted discussions in Web Apps around use  
> cases for connection-less push:  
> <>  
> - especially the third one is very relevant for us.
> Stefan and Harald (chairs) for the webrtc WG.

In the current charter proposal (which is under review at the moment) we  

Server-Sent Events
An API for opening an HTTP connection for receiving push notifications  
 from a server in the form of DOM events. The API is designed such that it  
can be extended to work with other push notification schemes such as Push  
]]] -

I'm not sure if that is enough, sounds like you would like something more.  
In which case the best thing is to get people who are interested in  
developing it to say so, through their review and in this working group.



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