Re: to add Speech API to Charter; deadline January 19

It looks like we fundamentally agree on several things:
*  That we'd like to see the JavaScript Speech API included in the
WebApps' charter.*  That we believe the wire protocol is best suited
for another organization, such as IETF.*  That we believe the markup
bindings may be excluded.
Our only difference seems to be whether to start with the extensive
Javascript API proposed in [1] or the simplified subset of it proposed
in [2] which supports majority of the use cases in the XG’s Final

Art Barstow asked for “a relatively specific proposal” and provided
some precedence examples regarding the level of detail. [3]
Olli Pettay wrote in [4] “Since from practical point of view the
API+protocol XG defined is a huge thing to implement at once, it makes
sense to implement it in pieces.”
Starting with a baseline that supports the majority of use cases will
accelerate implementation, interoperability testing, standardization
and ultimately developer adoption.

On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 5:46 PM, Young, Milan <> wrote:
> I've made the point a few times now, and would appreciate a response.
> Why are we preferring to seed WebApps speech with [2] when we already
> have [3] that represents industry consensus as of a month ago (Google
> not withstanding)?  Proceeding with [2] would almost surely delay the
> resulting specification as functionality would patched and haggled over
> to meet consensus.
> My counter proposal is to open the HTML/speech marriage in WebApps
> essentially where we left off at [3].  The only variants being: 1)
> Dropping the markup bindings in sections 7.1.2/7.1.3 because its primary
> supporter has since expressed non-interest, and 2) Spin the protocol
> specification in 7.2 out to the IETF.  If I need to formalize all of
> this in a document, please let me know.
> Thank you
> [3]
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> Subject: CfC: to add Speech API to Charter; deadline January 19
> Glen Shires and some others at Google proposed [1] that WebApps add
> Speech API to WebApps' charter and they put forward the Speech
> Javascript API Specification [2] as as a starting point. Members of
> Mozilla and Nuance have voiced various levels of support for this
> proposal. As such, this is a Call for Consensus to add Speech API to
> WebApps' charter.
> Positive response to this CfC is preferred and encouraged and silence
> will be considered as agreeing with the proposal. The deadline for
> comments is January 19 and all comments should be sent to public-webapps
> at
> -AB
> [1]
> [2]
> peechapi.html

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