Re: HTML Speech XG Completes, seeks feedback for eventual standardization

Hi Dan,

WebApps already has a relatively large number of specs in progress (see 
[PubStatus]) and the group has agreed to add some additional specs (see 
[CharterChanges]). As such, please provide a relatively specific 
proposal about the features/specs you and other proponents would like to 
add to WebApps.

Regarding the level of detail for your proposal, I think a reasonable 
precedence is something like the Gamepad and Pointer/MouseLock proposals 
(see [CharterChanges]). (Perhaps this could be achieved by identifying 
specific sections in the XG's Final Report?)

-Art Barstow


On 12/12/11 5:25 PM, ext Dan Burnett wrote:
> Dear WebApps people,
> The HTML Speech Incubator Group [1] has recently wrapped up its work on use cases, requirements, and proposals for adding automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities to HTML.  The work of the group is documented in the group's Final Report. [2]
> The members of the group intend this work to be input to one or more working groups, in W3C and/or other standards development organizations such as the IETF, as an aid to developing full standards in this space.
> Whether the W3C work happens in a new Working Group or an existing one, we are interested in collecting feedback on the Incubator Group's work.  We are specifically interested in input from the members of the WebApps Working Group.
> If you have any feedback to share, please send it to, or cc, the group's mailing list (  This will allow comments to be archived in one consistent location for use by whatever group takes up this work.
> Dan Burnett, Co-Chair
> HTML Speech Incubator Group
> [1] charter:
> [2]
> p.s.  This feedback request is being sent to the following groups:  WebApps, HTML, Audio, DAP, Voice Browser, Multimodal Interaction

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