Re: Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech Javascript API - seeking feedback for eventual standardization

On 1/10/12 11:25 AM, ext Glen Shires wrote:
> Per #4 Testing commitment(s): can you elaborate on what you would like 
> to see at this point?

At this point, I think a `warm fuzzy` like "if/when the spec advances to 
Candidate Recommendation, we will contribute to a test suite that is 
sufficient to exit the CR" would be useful.

> Also, what is the next step?

WRT the API you proposed, I think we have enough preliminary feedback 
for me to start a CfC to add the API to WebApps charter. My only concern 
is the open question (at least to me) re the markup part. It seems like 
it would be useful to review the proposed API and markup together. 
However, a CfC for the markup can be done separately (provided 
sufficient interest/commitment is expressed).

If I don't see any objection from Chaals or Doug, today or tomorrow I'll 
start a CfC for the API proposal .


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