Re: Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech Javascript API - seeking feedback for eventual standardization

> Per #4 Testing commitment(s): can you elaborate on what you would like to
>> see at this point?
> At this point, I think a `warm fuzzy` like "if/when the spec advances to
> Candidate Recommendation, we will contribute to a test suite that is
> sufficient to exit the CR" would be useful.

Yes we will contribute to a test suite that is sufficient for the Candidate

> Also, what is the next step?
> WRT the API you proposed, I think we have enough preliminary feedback for
> me to start a CfC to add the API to WebApps charter. My only concern is the
> open question (at least to me) re the markup part. It seems like it would
> be useful to review the proposed API and markup together. However, a CfC
> for the markup can be done separately (provided sufficient
> interest/commitment is expressed).

In the spirit of starting with the basics and iterating we did not include
markup in the proposed API. Markup support also renders cleanly as a layer
on top of the JS API with few additions, so as you suggest if there is
sufficient interest/commitment a separate CfC could be done.

Received on Wednesday, 11 January 2012 15:20:37 UTC