Standards for Web applications on mobile devices: August 2011 updates

Hi all,

I've just released a new version of “Standards for Web Applications on
Mobile” that takes into account the latest changes in the open Web

Updates since May 2011 [1] includes: 
* Addition of a new section on technologies useful for device adaptation
* Addition of the new W3C Community Groups as a way to start
standardization work in W3C
* Four new APIs from the Web Performance Working Group: Performance
Timeline, User Timing, Efficient Script Yielding and Timing control for
script-based animations
* The first editor draft of Web Real-Time Communication
* A number of other documents made progress on the Recommendation track
(WOFF, Contacts API, DeviceOrientation Event, Network Information API,
the family of Widgets specifications)
* Addition of the proposed work on model-based user interfaces
* Updates based on the adoption of the new Device APIs Working Group

That document is extracted from the equivalent page in the W3C wiki
where contributions from others are welcomed:

I'm planning to run another update of that document end of November.
Feedback is as always very welcomed.



Received on Friday, 2 September 2011 14:57:15 UTC