Re: [WebSQL] Any future plans, or has IndexedDB replaced WebSQL?

On 3/31/11 12:06 PM, Glenn Maynard wrote:
> This is painful to read.  WebSQL development died because SQLite, the
> most widely-deployed database software in the world, was too good?  That
> sounds like a catastrophic failure of the W3C process.

No, it actually sounds like a success; it prevented a "specification" 
being created which would have been tied to a particular implementation, 
no matter how "widely-deployed".

For comparison, IE6 was very widely deployed circa 2002.  And yet 
specifying CSS, say, by saying "just do exactly what IE6 does" would not 
have been a good idea.  Neither is defining WebSQL to do exactly what 
some particular version of SQLite does, and no one stepped up to define 
it better.


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