Re: [IndexedDB] Design Flaws: Not Stateless, Not Treating Objects As Opaque

I was the one that asked for callbacks.

> but what do we do if those callbacks don't
> return consistent results? Or even do evil things like modify the
> stores where data is being inserted?

If the callback maps all values to a sort-order of '1' there could only ever
be one entry in the index... its not hard, the callback is passed an
immutable copy of the object and returns a sort-order as a binary-blob. If
you capture the object store in the closure you of course you could do evil
things as side-effects. But that is true in any non-purely-functional
language, you can always do evil things with side-effects.

> In short, I don't think we'll get much further here without a concrete

Which basically means nobody working on the current implementations
understands the issues, or thinks the issues are unimportant?


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