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Thanks for the input. Yes we are aware of the work and investigating Indian Language /Scripts Complexities on that platform also. Certainly our idea is not to redo the same work and  to address specific issues of each Indic languages. 

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On 03/08/11, Richard Ishida <> wrote:
> On 08/03/2011 15:08, Somnath Chandra wrote:
> >We have already started working on Mobile Rendering Engine and Fonts
> >development which would enable seamless display across platforms and
> >devices.
> That's interesting.  Did you know about work currently under way involving Harfbuz to provide a small, universal rendering engine that can be used on mobile devices and other kinds of OS to do opentype rendering? [1]   Are you working on the same thing?  I'd hate to think that you are reinventing the wheel such that different systems are needed for different fonts...
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> [1]
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