Re: CfC: publish a new Working Draft of DOM Core; comment deadline March 2

Hi All,

There is significant support for this CfC and in general, I tend to 
favor PEPO (publish early, publish often).

However, in this case, the group already agreed D3E is feature complete 
and it would be suboptimal (some have suggested harmful), for WebApps to 
publish a spec that conflicts/overlaps with D3E. Additionally, some 
members have been working on D3E for a relatively long time and they 
naturally want to preserve their investment.

Doug expressed [DS] willingness to change D3E (to align with DOM Core 
Events) if there is broad consensus for changes. In this spirit of 
cooperation, before a new WD of DOM Core is published, I think the next 
step is to do as Doug suggested and identify all D3E issues.

Anne asked [AvK] about the mechanism to use to identify issues. Unless 
Doug suggests otherwise, I recommend using a separate thread per issue 
on the www-dom mail list.

-Art Barstow


On Feb/23/2011 11:20 AM, ext Arthur Barstow wrote:
> Anne and Ms2ger (representing Mozilla Foundation) have continued to 
> work on the DOM Core spec and they propose publishing a new Working 
> Draft of the spec:
> As such, this is a Call for Consensus (CfC) to publish a new WD of DOM 
> Core. If you have any comments or concerns about this proposal, please 
> send them to public-webapps by March 2 at the latest.
> As with all of our CfCs, positive response is preferred and encouraged 
> and silence will be assumed to be agreement with the proposal.
> -Art Barstow

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