Re: Widgets - WARP, Widgets Updates and Digital Signatures

Nathan wrote:
> Marcos Caceres wrote:
>> On 9/16/10 6:10 PM, Nathan wrote:
>>> Marcos Caceres wrote:
>>>> As above. I thought that was what we (Web Apps WG - Widgets) have been
>>>> doing for the last 5 years?
>>> Maybe I've missed part of the specifications - are you telling me that I
>>> can package up an HTML,CSS,JS based application as per the widgets
>>> specification, include a WARP, Digital Signature, set the view-mode to
>>> windowed and that this will run as is, in the main browser context of
>>> the main browser vendors (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE etc)?
>> Ah! ok. I get it now. No, that won't work right now (actually, that's 
>> how we run them in our development environment for testing purposes :) 
>> ). But that is trivial and no one has really asked for that.
> Good to know, and you can consider me as asking for it!
>> I'm still a bit lost as to what the use case is?

following up, see "Web Apps -- requirements for installation and 
management" from TimBL:



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