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Hi Philippe,

Logos look nice! however, I'm baffled as to why HTML5 logo site mix in
things like WebGL and CSS 3, which are clearly not part of the HTML
Standard (as it is now known;))? Who made the choice of what
technologes were to be included or excluded from the set of
technologies that make up the logo sets? I ask because it's poignant
and a little demoralizing to us who have been working for many years
to see W3C Widgets excluded from the list. I'm sure I'm not the only
one feeling a bit confused by the W3C's lack of communication about
this project or why the W3C chose to exclude widgets and other
technologies? Did I miss the memo?

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On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 2:03 PM, Philippe Le Hegaret <> wrote:
> Dear Web Application Working Group,
> Today W3C introduced an HTML5 logo for public consideration:
> The W3C Communications Team is excited about the HTML5 logo, developed
> with community support, and hopes it will help you promote your work.
> The logo is intended to be a general purpose visual identity for HTML5
> and other web application technologies. It doesn't imply conformance;
> just "this is about open web application technologies."
> This is not yet the official W3C Communications Team logo for HTML5. We
> look forward to broad community adoption in order to make it so.
> For more information about the logo, see the logo home page [1] and faq
> [2].
> Thank you,
> Philippe Le H├ęgaret, Interaction Domain Lead
> [1]
> [2]

Marcos Caceres
Opera Software ASA,

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