Re: [chromium-html5] LocalStorage inside Worker

2011/1/6 Keean Schupke <>:
> Applying this to JavaScript (ignoring local storage and just implementing an
> STM) would come up with something like:
> 1) Objects from one thread should not be visible to another. Global variable
> "test" defined in the UI or any worker thread should no be in scope in any
> other worker-thread.
> 2) shared objects could be accessed only though the "atomic" method
> (implemented natively).
> atomic(function(shared) {
>     shared.x += 1;
>     shared.y -= 2;
> });
> Here, the callback is the transaction, and "shared" is the shared
> namespace... Thats all you need for a basic implementation. The clever stuff
> is all hidden from the user.
> We could implement "retry" by returning true... the guard could just be a
> boolean function too:
> atomic(function(shared) {
>     if (queueSize > 0) {
>         // remove item from queue and use it
>         return false; // no retry
>     } else {
>         return true; // retry
>     }
> });
> Thats pretty much the entire user visible API that would be needed. Of
> course the implementation behind the scenes is more complex.

This looks basically like what I proposed with "getBetterStoreage"
renamed to "atomic".

But I'm guessing that it's also intended that atomic is synchronous
whereas getBetterStoreage was asynchronous. I think that would be fine
in workers, but it'd have many of the same complications as the
storage mutex if implemented for the main thread.

/ Jonas

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