Re: Battery Status API vs. Geolocation API

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As noted in the Battery Status Event spec, comments for the spec should 
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On Jun/6/2011 1:44 AM, ext Andres Riofrio wrote:
> Hello,
> I have some comments on the Battery Status API.
> I was wondering why it was that the battery status API is exposed
> using Events (and adding an additional requirement "When an event
> listener is registered with the event type batterystatus, then the
> User Agent must dispatch a BatteryStatusEvent event immediately."),
> when the Geolocation API is exposed using a getCurrent and a watch
> function, that invoke a callback when the information is available. Is
> there a rationale for using a different paradigm than the (kind of)
> established Geolocation API? I think it'd be better (saner for
> developers) to use the same paradigm.
> Further, doesn't the requirement that a BatteryStatusEvent be
> dispatched immediately incur a synchronous delay as the browser gets
> that information? That is, nothing else can happen because the event
> must be dispatched immediately. I might understand wrongly, but if
> this is the case, I think it should be changed to "retrieves the
> relevant information and dispatches a BatteryStatusEvent
> asynchronously".
> Andres Riofrio

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