Re: copy events and content from server


Le 3 mai 2011 à 21:15, Ryosuke Niwa a écrit :
>> Would it be thinkable to *lock* the copy event until either a timeout occurs or an unlock is called?
> No.  We definitely don't want to lock a local system resource for some random web service that may potentially fail to release the lock.

I am not sure I made this clear.
The intent is to let javascript operate a lock.

Locking the system resource? Who spoke about that?
That'd lock maybe some of the continuation of a script in that page... nothing else. 
It could start to operate on the clipboard only after the unlock has occurred (or a focus-lost has happened which would have declared that the copy operation is aborted).

The random web-service in question is the web-server the user is currently using which could have delivered the information in question before, just did not because it did not know which information the user intended to copy!

If you look at desktop apps, there are many apps that do very rich copy operations and these take time with a modal dialog sometimes displayed.


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