Re: Updates to FileAPI

On Tue, 21 Dec 2010, Arun Ranganathan wrote:
> I've bolstered the lifetime conformance language with this: 

Just one minor nit, the "unloading document cleanup steps" get called both 
when "unloading" a document and when "discarding" a document, and may in 
the future be called in other situations also, so it's best to just say 
something like "This specification defines the following unloading 
document cleanup step: ..." rather than using the imperative ("as part of 
the unloading document cleanup steps, user agents must...").

(Another way to think about this is that there should really only be one 
"MUST" for each requirement, and there is already one that triggers the 
cleanup steps. You only want one "MUST" per requirement otherwise you end 
up with situations where you might have to technically do the same thing 
multiple times in order to fully comply with all the requirements.)

> The only nagging doubt I have about this proposal is that the creation 
> and revocation methods (static) are on window.URL, but the actual Blob 
> object has an affiliated document, which upon cleanup flushes the URLs 
> affiliated with it.

Window and Document objects have an almost 1:1 relationship. There is one 
edge case exception involving about:blank, but I don't think it causes an 
issue here.

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