Re: Updates to FileAPI

On Mon, 20 Dec 2010, Arun Ranganathan wrote:
> Notably:
> 1. lastModifiedDate returns a Date object.

You don't have a conformance requirement for returning a Date object. (The 
only MUST is for the case of the UA not being able to return the 
information.) I mention this because for attributes that return 
objects, it's important to specify whether the same object is returned 
each time or whether it's a new object that is created each time. 
Presumably for a Date object you want to require a new object be created 
each time.

> 2. We use the URL object and expose static methods on it for Blob URI 
> creation and revocation.

Looks good to me. FYI, I'm probably going to be extending this mechanism 
for Streams in due course. I expect I'll bring this up again in due course 
so we can work out how to make sure the specs don't step on each other.

I'm a little concerned about the lifetime of these URLs potentially 
exposing GC behaviour -- we've tried really hard not to expose GC 
behaviour in the past, for good reason. Can't we jetison the URLs as part 
of the unloading document cleanup steps?

(Note that Window objects in some edge cases can survive their Document.)

> Also, I've minuted Sam Weinig at TPAC saying he'd prefer us to roll back 
> from using the sequence<T> type WebIDL syntax to index getters.  Sam: 
> are you still tightly wed to this?  WebIDL has undergone changes since 
> last we spoke.  I'm copying what HTML5 is doing, and didn't want to be 
> inconsistent in rolling this back.

FWIW, IIRC the HTML spec is a bit out of sync when it comes to WebIDL.

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