Re: [Bug 11398] New: [IndexedDB] Methods that take multiple optional parameters should instead take an options object

On 12/10/2010 7:27 AM, Jeremy Orlow wrote:
> We did all of these two weeks ago in Chromium and have gotten some feedback.
>   The main downside is that typos are silently ignored by JavaScript.  We
> considered throwing if someone passed in an option we didn't recognize, but
> this would make it impossible to add more options later (which is one of the
> main reasons for doing this change).  I think what we might do is just log
> something in the console with this happens.  (Should the spec actually make
> a recommendation to this effect?)  Besides that, I think overall we're happy
> with the change.
I think logging should maybe be recommended by the spec, but probably 
not required.



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