Re: Seeking status of Server-sent Events, Web Storage and Web Workers

OK, so coming back to the what's next for these 3 LC documents question 
[Head]  ...

All of these specs have a Bugzilla component for issue and comment 
tracking, all are included in the WHATWG issue tracker at [Issues], all 
of the specs have changed since their LC was published and all of the 
specs had at least one comment submitted against the LC via public-webapps.

With respect to "does a spec need to return to LC or can it advance to 
Candidate?", Section 7.4.6 of W3C process says:


A technical report is returned to a Working Group for further work in 
either of the following situations:

1. The Working Group makes substantive changes 
to the technical report at any time after a Last Call announcement 
<> and prior 
to Publication as a Recommendation 
*except* when the changes involve the removal of features at risk 
identified in a Call for Implementations 
<>. In the case of 
substantive changes, the Working Group MUST republish the technical 
report as a Working Draft.

Since Hixie is active on HTML, perhaps someone else is willing to pick 
one of these LCs and to review the issues, bugs, diffs, etc. and propose 
the next step . Any volunteers?

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the diffs, bugs and public-webapps comments 
for Server-sent Events and will send that data separately.

-Art Barstow


On Nov/29/2010 4:21 PM, ext Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Nov 2010, Arthur Barstow wrote:
>> Ian - regarding the following specs that ended LC on June 30, do you
>> have some type of comment tracking document, like you did for XBL2
>> [XBL2-DoC]?
> I do not believe I kept track of e-mail feedback, but the history of
> feedback filed through Bugzilla is naturally available through Bugzilla.
> HTH.

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