progress events in sync XHR not entirely ruled out

In the XHR2 spec, most references to progress events make it clear
that they're only sent for asynchronous XHRs.  However, in three
cases, the events aren't written as being exclusive to the async case.
 I'm guessing these are just oversights:


"The cross-origin request event rules are as follows:

If the cross-origin request status is preflight complete
Make upload progress notifications."


"When it is said to switch to the DONE state run these steps:
1. If the asynchronous flag is false update the response entity body.
2. Switch the state to DONE.
3. Dispatch a readystatechange event.
4. Dispatch a progress event called load.
5. Dispatch a progress event called loadend."


However, if #1 and #2 are fixed, then there's no way to call the abort
method on a sync XHR anyway.


Received on Wednesday, 24 November 2010 18:55:01 UTC