Re: [Bug 11280] New: IDBFactory.databases doesn't work

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 4:11 AM, Jeremy Orlow <> wrote:
> I think it's useful and it's one of the things I recall people asking for
> early on, but I agree it's flawed as is.  I guess we should just remove it
> for now and come back to it later based on demand.

I removed it for now. Unfortunately a fully "correct" API would be
very complicated. First of all we'd need some sort of asynchronous
accessor as to avoid forcing synchronous IO.

Second, while in that callback we should probably hold some sort of
lock which prevents other threads from creating and deleting
databases, so that a site could perform open and delete operations
from within the callback and be guaranteed that the set of existing
database doesn't change in the meantime.

At that point it's a fairly complicated API and so something that IMHO
is better left for v2. I've put it on my v2 list.

/ Jonas

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