Re: Widget packaging spec: make it clear in the Abstract or Intro that P&C widgets != UI controls

On 11/7/10 2:16 PM, timeless wrote:
>> This specification standardizes a packaging format and metadata for a class
>> of software known as widgets. Unlike traditional user interface widgets (e.g.,
>> buttons, input boxes, toolbars, etc.), widgets as specified in this document
>> are full-fledged client-side applications that are authored using Web standards
>> such as HTML5 and then packaged for distributions.
> Minor complaint. I think it's possible to author a widget using things
> which are not web standards :).

Blasphemy! :)

> I don't of course endorse such activity, but i think it is possible.

I've changed to "...using technologies such as..."

Marcos Caceres
Opera Software

Received on Sunday, 7 November 2010 14:57:46 UTC