Re: CfC: publish a new Working Draft of Web IDL; deadline October 18

Thanks, Cameron.

[DoNotCheckDomainSecurity] is one of the WebKit IDL's attributes,
briefly described here:

I think security related attributes like this would be very helpful, too.

 - Shiki

2010/10/12 Cameron McCormack <>:
> -minus various people
> Shiki Okasaka:
>> You've been missed, Cameron!
>> Just a reminder, my wish list is here (this doesn't have to be
>> reflected in the very next WD, though):
>> A signed 8 bit integer type has been required in WebGL.
> Thanks for pointing these out.  I’ve made sure they all have issue boxes
> in the spec.  The one I can find the least information about is
> [DoNotCheckDomainSecurity].  What are its requirements – just allow
> property accesses that would normally be blocked because they are cross
> origin?  Is it something HTML5 would use?
> Thanks,
> Cameron
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