[widgets] RfC: LCWD of Widget Packaging and Configuration; comment deadline October 26

  This is a Request for Comments for the October 5 Last Call Working 
Draft (LCWD) of the Widget Packaging and Configuration spec:


The previous publication of this spec was a Candidate Recommendation 
(Dec 2009) and it returned to LCWD because implementer feedback and 
discussions with the I18N Core WG resulted in the group deciding to 
replace a reference to the ITS spec with a <span> element and "dir" 
attribute. For more information about this change and others, see:


We asked the I18N Core WG to review this LC and feedback from others is 
welcome.The comment period ends October 26.

-Art Barstow

Received on Tuesday, 5 October 2010 16:34:16 UTC