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Added the example at:

Please see also the examples for the dir attribute:

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> [This is a continuation of one part of the thread.]
> It addresses the comment:
> [[      7.16. The span Element
> [2] I think the example could be improved by having something inside the span with punctuation (eg. exclamation mark) or such, and maybe the description should be in English - otherwise you'd probably want to put the dir on the widget tag and have English in the span. Should I try to find another example ?
> ]] at
> Here's my proposed example (thanks to Aharon Lanin for helping with the Hebrew).  I made up something that might appear in a Hebrew widget, rather than an English one, since it's a little more realistic.
> <widget
>  xmlns=""
>  xml:lang="he" dir="rtl">
>  <name xml:lang="en">GPS Weather!</name>
>  <description
>   יישומון ה-<span dir="rtl" xml:lang="en">GPS Weather!</span> מאפשר לך לבדוק את מזג האוויר בכל נקודת GPS ברחבי העולם.
>  </description>
> </widget>
> Here's a version ready to drop into HTML (I suggest you copy it as a unit, to avoid problems with the bidirectional text.)
> &lt;widget
>  xmlns=&quot;;
>  xml:lang=&quot;he&quot; dir=&quot;rtl&quot;&gt;
>  &lt;name xml:lang=&quot;en&quot;&gt;GPS Weather!&lt;/name&gt;
>  &lt;description
>   יישומון ה-&lt;span dir=&quot;rtl&quot; xml:lang=&quot;en&quot;&gt;GPS Weather!&lt;/span&gt; מאפשר לך לבדוק את מזג האוויר בכל נקודת GPS ברחבי העולם.
>  &lt;/description&gt;
> &lt;/widget&gt;

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