Re: Event handlers - Pointer Devices

Hi, Charles-

Indeed, there has already been some concrete discussion on this, and we 
plan to take up work on such a specification in the next couple of 
months.  It's been explicitly included in our draft rechartering [1].


-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

Charles Pritchard wrote (on 3/2/10 8:17 PM):
> This is a re-post from the WHATWG mailing list.
> They've suggested I take the discussion to this list, as
> pointer events have not yet been formalized.
> ....
> I'd like to know if there's room or any work has been done to set aside a
> standard for an extended set of pointer-device events.
> With touch screens and touch sensitivity becoming quite main-stream,
> I'd like to see this popular functionality supported by the HTML 5
> standard.
> We see, in the iPhone, an ontouchstart and ongesturestart, and company.
> Gesture is a nice way of saying multiple inputs, and it works well.
> While many people would like to wrap the ontouch events into onmouse
> events -- they do have some different semantics. And, I believe
> that ontouch would be a good place to add in pressure sensitivity indexes.
> So, I thought I'd solicit feedback here.
> I'd like a common API to support touch screens
> and pressure/angle sensitive touch devices.
> I believe that both Apple and Wacom have thrown their hats into the
> ring, and we can easily integrate their achievements.
> -Charles

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