RE: Event handlers - Pointer Devices

This might be better discussed by the DAP group, as it's clearly a
"device API" topic.

Also it would be interesting to hear from Apple and Wacom (without
unnecessary details at this point), what areas of touch interface
capabilities would be problematic for W3C to create API's for, from an
IPR perspective (i.e. that would probably result in exclusions)... this
concern is driven e.g. by the current touch-related issue between Apple
and HTC.

Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

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Subject: Event handlers - Pointer Devices

This is a re-post from the WHATWG mailing list.

They've suggested I take the discussion to this list, as
pointer events have not yet been formalized.


I'd like to know if there's room or any work has been done to set aside
standard for an extended set of pointer-device events.

With touch screens and touch sensitivity becoming quite main-stream,
I'd like to see this popular functionality supported by the HTML 5 

We see, in the iPhone, an ontouchstart and ongesturestart, and company.
Gesture is a nice way of saying multiple inputs, and it works well.

While many people would like to wrap the ontouch events into onmouse
events -- they do have some different semantics. And, I believe
that ontouch would be a good place to add in pressure sensitivity

So, I thought I'd solicit feedback here.

I'd like a common API to support touch screens
and pressure/angle sensitive touch devices.

I believe that both Apple and Wacom have thrown their hats into the 
ring, and we can easily
integrate their achievements.


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