Re: Inconsistency in Web SQL Database Spec

On Wed, 10 Feb 2010 00:39:45 +0100, Eric Westenberger  
<> wrote:
> sorry, I am not able to follow this explanation.To which binding are you
> refering?

See the bits about Web IDL. Specifically the "getter" keyword specified on  
the SQLResultSetRowList interface.

> I came across this problem when trying to build a Chromium extension  
> using the newly provided HTML5 APIs.
> I tried to follow the example in the introduction of the Spec and it did  
> not work. But using the API as specified
> in Section 4.5 it worked fine.
> Either both APIs are required to work by the Spec (and then there is a  
> bug in WebKit or Chrome plus the Spec should make this more explicit),
> or the introduction section should be changed in my opinion.

I guess there's a bug in WebKit then.

Anne van Kesteren

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