Re: Inconsistency in Web SQL Database Spec

2010/2/9 Anne van Kesteren <>

> On Tue, 09 Feb 2010 02:37:01 +0100, Eric Westenberger <
>> wrote:
>> I noticed a slight inconsistency in the Web SQL Database Spec on
>> (version Feb 04, 2010)
>> The example in section 1 does not match to the API description in the
>> following sections.
>> E.g. consider the lines
>> db.readTransaction(function (t) {
>>    t.executeSql('SELECT COUNT(*) AS c FROM docids', [], function (t, r) {
>>      span.textContent = r.rows[0].c;
>> However, in Section 4.5 the API specifies that the rows are addressed via
>> r.rows.item(i)
> Because of the binding defined both will work.
> --
> Anne van Kesteren


sorry, I am not able to follow this explanation.To which binding are you

I came across this problem when trying to build a Chromium extension using
the newly provided HTML5 APIs.
I tried to follow the example in the introduction of the Spec and it did not
work. But using the API as specified
in Section 4.5 it worked fine.

Either both APIs are required to work by the Spec (and then there is a bug
in WebKit or Chrome plus the Spec should make this more explicit),
or the introduction section should be changed in my opinion.

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