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On Feb 9, 2010, at 09:52 , Cyril Concolato wrote:
> Le 08/02/2010 13:26, Robin Berjon a écrit :
>> I'm not sure what you mean? The preference storage should remain available across instantiations of the widget. This could probably be rephrased though.
> I think that maybe there should be two separate words instead of 'instance' for the two notions:
> a) "a widget package instantiated twice at the same time"
> b) "a widget package instantiated twice at different times".
> In a) you have 2 different storage areas. In b) you have only one.

I don't think that that is something which you can infer from any of the specification we have published? Implementations may perform what you do by assigning different authorities in the widget URIs for your (a) and (b) but essentially that is equivalent to have two widget packages (that happen to have the same content). If it really is one and only one widget package, then I'd expect it to have the same widget URI any time it is launched, and therefore if it has multiple copies running in parallel those would share the storage.

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