Re: Client side JavaScript i18n API

On 26.4.2010 21.49, "ext Nebojša Ćirić" <> wrote:
> We have a first draft at
> (it has view/edit
> permissions).
> It's describes a small subset of final API we intend to implement.
> We've picked date/time formatting and collation as must have for the
> first iteration.
Have you guys looked at the I18N facilities of the Dojo JavaScript
framework? [1] Seems like there is some overlap with your API, and Dojo is
already well established in the field. Maybe there are some opportunities to
reuse and/or coordinate, to avoid duplicate APIs.

The Dojo formatting modules cover dates, numbers, and currencies in a
locale-specific manner, and are based on the CLDR (nice!). [2]

Dojo has the concept of locale [3], but looks like it doesn't support
locale-specific collation out of the box, and I don't know if you can plug
in your own comparison (i.e. an implementation of the UCA). Maybe someone
who knows more can confirm or deny.

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