Re: Client side JavaScript i18n API

We have a first draft at (it has view/edit

It's describes a small subset of final API we intend to implement.
We've picked date/time formatting and collation as must have for the
first iteration.

We feel there are, at least, two open questions with the proposed API:

1. Namespace it should go under (document, window, window.i18n,
window.navigator.i18n, i18n)
2. Should we have a default locale, and should that be window.navigator.language

Addison raises a valid question of having this API be part of
JavaScript language itself, and I'll let Jungshik reply to that one.


P.S. Is there a better place to host the document, possibly within w3c domain?

On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 2:55 AM, Robin Berjon <> wrote:
> On Apr 26, 2010, at 11:38 , Marcos Caceres wrote:
>> 2010/4/23 Nebojša Ćirić <>:
>>>  We would like to propose an API for locale-based collation,
>>> date/number formatting, ... Does anybody else think this would benefit
>>> the authors?
>>>  We would be happy to answer questions to what problems are we trying
>>> to solve, and how.
>> I think the DAP guys are trying to handle some of this in their
>> Calendar API.
> Hmm no we're not — we're simply looking at ways of handling the massive number of different calendars that users could want to use.
> Nebojša: I think that there could be value in the sort of API that you describe, but it'd be easier to answer your question if we could see it :)
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