[WARP] comment on subdomains

A quick comment after re-reading WARP at the invitation of Robin to DAP
[1]: I don’t think the notion of subdomain is well-defined; is w3.org a
subdomain of .org? is co a subdomain of co.uk? I assume they are in the
sense of the spec, but if that’s so, it doesn’t match the “street”
meaning of the word “subdomain”; this matters in particular in section 7
(rules for granting access), since this has an impact on how a user
agent decides to grant access to a network resource. Given that IP
addresses are allowed, the algorithm to determine if something is a
subdomain of another domain is as simple as looking to the last dot in
the authority component.

(kudos on the spec otherwise; I find it to be very crisp)



Received on Thursday, 10 December 2009 15:52:17 UTC