Re: File API Feedback

On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 2:22 AM, Garrett Smith <> wrote:
> The picasa-style example mentioned earlier uses the word "upload".
> I've not used Picasa, but it appears to read files off a local
> network.

confused. i suspect i was the one who mentioned it.

Picasa is mostly a local application. One can do a large number of
operations with it.

among them:
1. select a number of local files
2. get previews (in some file formats that might be possible by
sampling, e.g. an interlaced image format)
3. rotate
4. color correct (etc.)
5. upload

in the case of getting previews and doing manipulations (which are
actually done in two passes, a fast pass on the preview, and then an
expensive background pass on the underlying data), these are local
operations where portions of a file would be sufficient in certain
stages. And it definitely would make sense to be able to upload a
large file in chunks.

I'm glad to see the API under discussion is growing support for ranges.

Note of course that whatever API supports ranges needs to ensure that
the data isn't forcibly coerced into valid Unicode, as the underlying
data for an image can include all sorts of patterns which aren't valid

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