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Heya Jonas,

On Jun 30, 2009, at 10:38 , Jonas Sicking wrote:
> However, what is the use case for all this power? I.e. what
> application would want to do this? The downside of having all the
> power and features of using events is that the syntax becomes more
> complex. So we should only do it if it provides features that people
> actually need.

I haven't yet given this a lot of thought, but one reason I can see  
for supporting events is extensibility. Remember that the upcoming DAP  
WG will develop some manner of file system API. It would be really,  
really nice if it could just reuse the interfaces from this spec. But  
it is likely to be more powerful, and therefore might require (or at  
least benefit from) greater flexibility in notification.

Let's say for instance we add delete(), one might want:

   file.addEventListener("delete", delCB, false);

My brain's still warming up after a week in babyland, but I think we  
should look at DAP use cases before coming to a conclusion on the most  
useful notification mechanism.

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