Re: [widgets] Rule for Getting Text Content

2009/6/10 Anne van Kesteren <>:
> I don't really like the optional ITS behavior. Also, what is the effect of having it there?

My understanding is that, in implementations, the appropriate unicode
directionality markers would be inserted where the its elements and
attributes appear.

> If this is a feature needed by authors it also seems better for them if they have it without all the additional namespaces.

This is here because I18N community requested it, we added it, it's
optional and has been marked as a "feature-at-risk" (as described and
allowed in the process document). If no one implements it, then we
will remove it.

> textContent is an attribute, not a property. In bindings it might turn into a property, but that is not relevant I think.


Marcos Caceres

Received on Wednesday, 1 July 2009 10:24:53 UTC