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Zhenbin Xu wrote:
> Jonas, I don't feel you have summarized our position properly.  We
> said it should be exception but we are willing to accommodate other
> implementations for the spec to have a leeway there and avoiding
> protracted discussions.

I assume you mean by the "null or exception" proposal? I think many 
people have made it quite clear that they think that is the least good 
solution as it doesn't produce interoperability across browsers.

> We have absolutely no problem for the spec to
> clearly state that exception is the best API that should be followed.

Hehe, yes, that has been quite clear :)

> It is backed by technical arguments on my replies.  Let's expand more
> there if you feel those are inadequate.

Yes please do, I'm curious as to what those technical arguments are. The 
one I've heard so far is concern about site compatibility with returning 
null. I.e. you guys are concerned that sites will break if an exception 
isn't thrown.

Are there other ones? Do you have any data to back up the compatibility 

/ Jonas

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