RE: Seeking earlier feedback from MS [Was: IE Team's Proposal for Cross Site Requests]

On Fri, 13 Jun 2008, Sunava Dutta wrote:
> [Sunava Dutta] We're kind of heads down in our development cycle with 
> IE8 and the F2F is the first opportunity to discuss this at length.  

I honestly am not sure it's worth Google's time for me to attend this 
meeting if it's going to be hijacked to talk about input that everyone 
specifically agreed would be discussed in advance of the meeting. We can't 
make educated decisions in a face to face meeting if we haven't had the 
time to discuss them before hand. This was clearly discussed and 
established weeks ago.

On Sat, 14 Jun 2008, Michael(tm) Smith wrote:
> You've yet to actually even deliver the comments to the group in
> a way that makes it possible for members of the group to even read
> them at all. You've missed the deadline you agreed to initially
> (June 6) and also have missed the adjusted date you committed to
> providing them (Tuesday or Wednesday this week at the latest).

For the record, the deadlines Sunava originally agreed to were mid to late 
November 2007. That's over six months ago now.

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