Re: Web Security IG - a proposal of actions

Hi Virginie,

>Hi Paul,
>The web & mobile IG aims to deploy web apps on mobile, taking the benefit
>of that market and those devices, see
>Our security analysis should encompass webapp lifeccyle, and analyse all
>possible interactions of webapp on mobile with the rest of the world.
Ok - but what is a "webapp"?  I'm assuming that this includes applications
that may not communicate with the "web" but would use some set of web
derived protocols for communication.  Specifically for direct
device-to-device applications.

>Do you have specific application in mind related to "peer-to-peer
>security for mobile devices" ?

Yes.  Applications using non-celluar connected direct radio connections
using WI-Fi (or BLE, or LTE Direct).

New security models are being developed for peer-to-peer authentication
for the radio link that will have direct correspondence to the P2P
applications.  Not sure yet how this would map to a "webapp" view.


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>>-       Mobile security
>>We should support the web & mobile IG [1] to understand what are the
>>main security weaknesses in the web app model, compared to native app
>>This would help W3C to fill the gap in terms of security feature for
>>the mobile web.
>Is this just mobile-to-web or is there any interest in direct
>peer-to-peer security for mobile devices?
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