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>Hi all,
>As announced by Wendy, I am now joining the Web Security IG team and I
>shared with Adam and Wendy few topics I believe this IG could discuss. So
>here is a proposal of topics we could focus in the coming months, to
>bring back this IG to life :)
>-       Mobile security
>We should support the web & mobile IG [1] to understand what are the main
>security weaknesses in the web app model, compared to native app model.
>This would help W3C to fill the gap in terms of security feature for the
>mobile web.

Is this just mobile-to-web or is there any interest in direct peer-to-peer
security for mobile devices?


>-       Global W3C security roadmap
>TAG started to discuss the need to improve the general state of the web
>security [1] by anymeans, including user awareness, architectural answer,
>analyzing threat models, ... In addition the IETF has created a global
>thinking on security [3]. Similarly, I think that this IG may be the
>right place to share thought, build a plan...
>-       Reviewing security specification
>According to our charter, our IG is a place where the security aspects of
>W3C deliverables can be reviewed. Let's try to bring editors talking to
>us !
>-       Monitoring web security
>Last but not least, I encourage each of you to communicate on
>topics/press news/events that could be of interest in terms of web
>security, new use cases, new technologies...
>If you have any interest in each of those specific topic, just be vocal
>on this mailing, and answer my coming soon call for contributions...
>Note that if you are attending the TPAC meeting, there will be a security
>dedicated session on Wednesday 13th of Nov [4].
>Hope to hear and learn a lot from you soon.
>[1] Web & Mobile IG
>[2] TAG security task
>[3] IETF security activity
>[4] W3C Security roadmap session in TPAC
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