RE: Web Security IG - a proposal of actions

Anders, Mete, and all,

I guess that the security analysis of web app on mobile, should address the entire life cycles of the webapps, meaning :
- app design (including functions made available to the developers)
- app packaging
- app deployment/update
- app usage (include the user granted rights)
My view is that the hardware component assumptions will only be a part of the problem.

We have here a reasonable number of ideas to open a wiki and start listing the perceived/existing problems... Will land in few days in our wiki [yes, we even have a wiki :)]

Any other idea to load our homework ?


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On 2013-10-17 11:16, Mete Balcı wrote:
> Hello Virginie and Dominique,
> I am also very interested on the topic -mobile security- and available for any discussion.
> I think one of the difficulties here is also that by saying native we
> sometimes/mostly refer to an hardware component or a software function
> with hardware support. Since I guess the standard cannot be based on a
> specific hardware feature, I believe some and correct level of
> abstraction is needed based on, as Dominique pointed out, the gaps
> seen by different industries, so the spec may not directly depend on whatever hardware there is, but the security concepts that is introduced by having such software/hardware components in the system.

Hi Mete,

This should be of interest:

A question arises: Can you actually abstract a security element API and still maintain end-to-end security?


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